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 PrincessRO - Where Zelda meets Ragnarok

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PostSubyek: PrincessRO - Where Zelda meets Ragnarok   Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:52 pm

PrincessRO is a new server, it opened on Thursday 6-23-2011 at 11 o'clock.
Here is all Information you need:

Server Specs

~~~> High Rate Server

~~~> Max Base Level: 375

~~~> Max Job Level: 80

~~~> Base Level Rate: 10.000x

~~~> Job Level Rate: 1.000x

~~~> Drop Rate: 100%

~~~> Card Drop Rate: 10%

~~~> Miniboss Card Drop Rate: 5%

~~~> MVP Card Droprate: 5%

~~~> Features:

~~ MVP Room
~~ Gold Room
~~ Friendly and Helpful Staff
~~ Healer
~~ Custom Maps only available in PrincessRO
~~ Custom Mobs only available in PrincessRO
~~ Custom Items only available in PrincessRO
~~ Lots of commands
~~ Many Many More
~~ Extensive Customization

What makes us unique? Well, we are the only server that combines ZELDA with RAGNAROK! We have a Custom Zelda Storyline including Quests, Items, Maps, Monsters, etc...

Unfortunately, every server has to start someday, so we don't have a lot of players online at the time being.
If you are open for new servers and new experiences, even for Ragnarok Veterans, I'd like to encourage you to give us a try, I'm sure we won't disappoint you.
All Classes have been balanced and their overpowered Skills have been adjusted to fit the Maximum Level and Stats.
We have no overpowered donations, you can get just as powerful by doing Quests and trading as you can by donating.
All Donation items are also tradeable.

Interested? If you are, feel free to visit us at

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PrincessRO - Where Zelda meets Ragnarok
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